Fitness classes


In the ring, cardio is king. Same thing outside it. Our cardio program combines high-intensity intervals and steady-state circuits to help you burn calories and get you in the best shape you've ever been. 

Sunset Run

Flexibility & mobility

Pilates with Ball

From executing an arm bar to keeping your back from hurting at the office, having good range of motion is essential. Our flexibility and mobility program helps you loosen up with a variety of dynamic and static stretches & other techniques to help you become more flexible, less prone to injury, and recover faster. 

Strength training

Beyond the obvious, like building muscle mass and improving definition, strength training makes it easier to  take someone down or carry more groceries up the stairs on a single trip. Our strength training program uses weights, resistance bands, and your own body weight to push your muscles to the max. 



Yoga Posture

What do a warrior, a pigeon, and a chair have in common? They're all yoga poses that'll help you stay fit and relaxed. Our yoga program focuses on restoring and energizing your mind and body through stretching, breathing, energy flow, and meditation.